Acer Iconia W510 Driver (2019)

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Acer Iconia W510 Driver

As one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, Acer has the potential to make a pretty big impact on the Windows 8 convertible tablet. Don't let the Acer Iconia W and its hearty hinge confuse you. It's a tablet, not one of those convertible laptops you've been seeing lately. The ICONIA W5 Series is the world's first Intel CPU-based tablet with Acer Always On technology. Simply press it and it's on and updated, like a smartphone, with.

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Acer Iconia W510 Driver

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Thus, Acer uses the hard disk as cloud storage and allows easy access to shared data from many devices via your own server. An app for Android phones and Windows PCs is currently available.

In addition to the usual, exasperating adware like Acer Iconia W510 or 7 digital, we find a drawing program Skitchan RSS reader newsXpresso and the note program Evernote. Warranty A month bring-in warranty is really the minimum that a manufacturer can offer.

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An additional seller's warranty of Acer Iconia W510 months on production-related flaws is included in the European Union. Warranty upgrades are available on Acer's website. Unfortunately, it is not specified whether you have to buy a laptop or a tablet warranty upgrade for the Iconia W Webcam Two webcams are standard in modern tablets and allow video calls as well as usually good pictures Acer Iconia W510 videos.

We noticed a very visible color noise after only a short period of use.

This occurs when cameras are too light-sensitive. The auto-focus also often had problems finding the right focus.

Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 Driver

The pictures are overall usable, but the colors tend to look a bit pale and the aforementioned color noise turns up in low light. The picture also looks unfocused and color fringing occurs with the front-facing camera. However, high expectations should not be placed on this camera because its main purpose will be video calls. The rear-facing camera shoots unfocused pictures The front-facing camera's quality is not ideal either Input Devices Keyboard It is logical that compromises have to be made on keyboards of the Acer knows this Acer Iconia W510 exploits the base unit's entire width for Acer Iconia W510 keyboard.

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The entire keyboard is slightly lowered so that the keys are not accidentally triggered in presentation mode, i. The distance between the single keys is only 3. The keys make a cramped Acer Iconia W510 elsewhere and there is no gap between the "[]" Acer Iconia W510 left shift key as well as between the " " and enter key. This caused occasional typos in our practical test.

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The pressure point and stability are good over the entire keyboard. However, the typing noise is transmitted quite intensely to the Acer Iconia W510 through the thin base unit, which can make typing quite loud depending on the surface. Make sure its bluetooth Acer Iconia W510 you'll be giving up your only USB port to a wireless dongle. The touchpad is not also not multi-touch capable.

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This means no dragging two fingers to scroll a web Acer Iconia W510 or slide the Start Screen. This is a corner that really shouldn't have been cut, since the shrunken keyboard makes Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys into function keys.

Make sure your travel mouse has a scroll wheel. No multi-touch here Finally, the whole thing is unbalanced. Though the hinge is sturdy and keeps the screen Acer Iconia W510 whatever position you choose, the thing tends to fall overt backwards at anything other than a ninety degree angle.

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To be fair, there are many Atom-powered Windows 8 tablets and hybrids that cost around Acer Iconia W510 same or more -- but they don't Acer Iconia W510 the most compelling case, either. The idea of a touch-screen slate running a full Windows operating system that can instantly transform into a working laptop is an appealing one. In practice, the slate part of the W is well-built and responsive, and the hinge that connects the two halves is easy to use and secure.

But is the W the compact bargain it at first glance appears to be?

Mind you, we still prefer a soft-touch finish, but this is the next best thing where ergonomics are concerned. Build quality Acer Iconia W510 pretty good throughout too.

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