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Acer Iconia W7 Driver

Jump to Iconia W - Iconia W is a convertible laptop running the Windows 8 operating system. Bluetooth, Front and Rear-facing Camera, Audio. Acer Iconia W is a decent quality device released many years ago, with a fast Dual-Core processing unit clocking at GHz, a 5 megapix. To many a tablet is an entertainment device and to many it is a work station. The Acer Iconia W GB tablet features a inches ( cm) touchscreen  Battery‎: ‎ mAh.

Acer Iconia W7 Driver

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Acer Iconia W7 Driver

Acer also includes with the tablet a wireless keyboard and a "cradle" that serve as a dock and stand; with the accessories, the W morphs into something like a portable desktop. This versatility has its appeal. I'm writing this column on the W, something I've never wanted to do on an iPad. The W has a larger screen than the iPad - which makes it easier for composing documents - and unlike Apple's tablet, you can use a Acer Iconia W7 with it and run Microsoft Office.

Acer Iconia W7

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But unlike a traditional laptop or desktop, the W can act like a touch-centric device also. With the gadget separated from its cradle, I played "Cut the Rope" and read a book in its Amazon Kindle app much as I would have on an iPad.

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If you are concerned with specifications, those of the W are more or less in line with other top-of-the-line tablets. For example, it has a solid-feeling aluminum case. Acer Iconia W7 has a p front camera and a 5-megapixel rear one. The model I tested has a dual-core Intel i5 processor, which felt plenty speedy in my tests.

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And it includes gigabytes of flash storage, which Acer Iconia W7 twice as much as what comes with the top-of-the-line iPad. Some of that additional space, though, is used up by the Windows operating system and traditional Windows programs, which tend to consume more storage space than Apple's iOS software and apps. Perhaps most impressive is the device's battery life.

Acer Iconia W Specs - CNET

Acer says you can get up to 9 hours on a charge. I didn't test that precisely, but had no complaints. Without having Acer Iconia W7 recharge it, I was able to play games, surf the Web, check email and write articles over the course of a day and a half.

That's far more usage than I get out of my new Lenovo laptop and is in line with what I've seen with both the iPad and long-lasting Acer Iconia W7 notebooks. It works OK as a portable PC. But it's no laptop replacement.

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In fact, it's almost impossible to literally use it on your lap because there's no easy way to prop up the cradle and detached Bluetooth keyboard there. But if you're Acer Iconia W7 to be using this with the cradle, you'll probably also want the Bluetooth keyboard, which comes in the box. That's four. If you're using this in desktop mode, you'll also want some sort of wireless mouse or trackpad not included in the box, sadly.

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That's five pieces. The AC adapter is six.

Then there's the bundled faux-leather case, which fits the tablet only. Acer Iconia W7 that and you're up to seven. It's a lot to remember, and some of the pieces the cradle, kickstand Acer Iconia W7 lie flat, so they'll take up more space in your bag than a device with a regular ol' keyboard dock. And really, there wouldn't have been much of a downside if Acer went with that form factor instead: The only thing you wouldn't be able to do is dock the tablet in portrait mode, which is fine by us.

Acer Iconia W7 Driver for Windows Download

Fortunately, at least, the case can be folded in such a way that you can prop the tablet up in landscape mode. That'll save you some baggage, though you won't get any additional ports, as you would on the cradle Acer Iconia W7 any competitors' keyboard docks.

The Bluetooth keyboard is similar to the one that comes built into the W's keyboard dock, in that it has white plastic keys against a gray frame. Here, though, the keys aren't squished into a keyboard dock meant to fit a inch tablet; it's more expansive, with no shrunken or undersized keys. It shouldn't take you long before you're typing at your usual brisk pace. If anything, as we said, we just wish Acer went with a keyboard dock instead of a separate cradle that you have to assemble every time you set up shop somewhere.

Maybe a slightly Acer Iconia W7 read: We know you can do it, Acer. Maybe next time. We feel compelled to add, too, that it would've been nice if Acer threw in a mouse, particularly since there's no trackpad area on the keyboard hybrids with traditional keyboard Acer Iconia W7 often have a small touchpad built in.

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Heck, we would've been happy to have a mouse instead of a carrying case, though that leathery folio is admittedly nice to have. Seriously, though, what is one supposed to do with the tablet in desktop mode with p resolution and no Acer Iconia W7 device? Particularly on such a dense screen, it is very difficult to get around the traditional Windows desktop using your fingers. As it happens, we had Logitech's Rechargeable Trackpad lying around, though most of you will need to go out and buy something, especially if you want to pull off certain Windows 8-specific gestures, Acer Iconia W7 swiping in from the left to toggle through open apps.

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