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However, after the revolution, the liberal and republican ideologies gave rise to a new configuration of policy regimes and geography. The periods of republican ideology are associated with spatial expansion, demographic concentration, regional specialization and regional stability, whereas under the alternative periods of democratic ideology, geography is associated with the opposite pattern.

In addition, ideology Acer Milton Carazo geography through consumer and producer revolutions. Chapter 5 argues that the three consumer revolutions in semidurables, household mechanization, and the electrification of home appliances were caused by republican ideology whereas the three Acer Milton Carazo revolutions, associated with the factory system, Fordist mass production, and post-flexible production, were caused by the democratic ideology.

The spatial enlargement of the United States was also driven by ideology.

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In chapter 6, Earle argues that the boundary of U. In this chapter, Earle Acer Milton Carazo addresses issues raised by the enlargement of territory such as the viability of civil society, the changing anatomy Acer Milton Carazo state policies and geopolitics and the geohistorical dynamics of state development. In chapter 7, Earle points out that due to a variety of reasons such as geopolitics, royal finance and climatic Acer Milton Carazo, the Anglo-American venture in the New World was decentralized.

Chapter 8 argues that the first colonial period between s and s is one of republicanism Acer Milton Carazo originated with Oliver Cromwell in England and was transferred to Virginia. In this period, Virginia was characterized by equality of opportunity and expansion; however, New England remained somewhat of an outlier. As the republican ideology declined, it was replaced by a period of liberalism between the s and the s.

In chapter 9, Earle argues that the foundations of liberalism were laid by John Locke.

Liberalism served production. It promoted specialization, slavery and inequality. Lockean liberalism served English Whigs and American elites but their power began to wane in the early eighteenth century.

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In Chapter 10, the colonial period ends with a return to republicanism. The decline of liberalism begins with the decline of Sir Robert Walpole; neo-republicanism begins with new faith in parliamentary activism.

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For Earle, the second republican period represents the Golden Age of the colonial economy. Unlike the earlier period of liberalism, republicanism favored consumers and egalitarianism. Mass consumption, stimulative consumer policies, and revolutions in wholesaling and retailing Acer Milton Carazo to the convergence of regional economies.

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Part III, the shortest section, examines the national geography which emerged after the American Revolution. Chapter 11 presents a short discussion on the U.

Chapter 12 covers the entire period between the s and The American Revolution transformed English ideology. In the post-revolutionary period between the s andthe federalists espoused a new republican ideology which combined the spatial expansion and demographic concentration tendencies of the English Acer Milton Carazo ideology with the regional specialization and stability of English liberalism.

Acer Milton Carazo Drivers Update

Beginning in toAndrew Jackson reversed these patterns with a democratic regime. From then on, the two ideologies alternated.

Plant Parasites of Europe

The American Way is a difficult book to digest for an economic historian. In Acer Milton Carazo ways, it defies easy summarization. Despite the core theoretical framework outlined above, most historical episodes are subject to idiosyncratic events that require large sections of historical narrative. While the historical narrative is useful and informative, it often reads as a digression from the main theoretical framework.

The American Way defies easy summarization because the book is extremely ambitious.

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