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The applicability of this strategy was first demonstrated through enrichment of unique O -GlcNAc-modified peptides from a postsynaptic density PSD preparation [ 86 ]. In a recent report, with the utilization of further optimized LWAC enrichment and peptide BEMATECH UDPM i.

The success of this technique has greatly expanded the O -GlcNAc protein database. The more sophisticated application of such columns e. Although several studies have used this approach for the enrichment of O -GlcNAc peptides from individual proteins [ BEMATECH UDPM - 93 ] and BEMATECH UDPM binding specificity proposed, its feasibility for large-scale application has yet to be evaluated.

Other lectins, which can improve the binding affinity to O -GlcNAc, are still worthy to be exploited for increased enrichment efficiency. Compared with antibody- and lectin-based O -GlcNAc BEMATECH UDPM, chemical derivatization is a large category of indirect enrichment, which is often comprised of three steps: Specifically, the O BEMATECH UDPM group is derivatized to add a handle e.


To date, several chemical-derivatization techniques have been developed for O -GlcNAc enrichment. Hydrazide chemistry is a well-established method for N -glycoproteomic profiling [ 94 ]. BEMATECH UDPM


Recently, an appropriately modified analog has been BEMATECH UDPM for O -GlcNAc enrichment [ 95 ]. In this approach, several steps are involved: To apply this technique for large-scale O BEMATECH UDPM site mapping, two issues may need to be further addressed, 1 to derivatize the less active O -GlcNAc moiety largely due to the trans configuration of the vicinal hydroxyls at positions C3 and C4harsher conditions in periodate oxidation should be used, leading to undesired side reactions e.

Of BEMATECH UDPM note is that, although phosphorylated peptides can also undergo BEMAD, faster conversion to the BEMAD product under milder conditions is achieved for O -GlcNAc peptides due to the more easily eliminated O -glycosidic linkages [ 3545596 - 98 ], with less undesired side reactions.

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In addition, distinct approaches e. By using the BEMAD approach, several O -GlcNAc sites were determined from the key contractile proteins, such as actin and myosin heavy chains, in skeletal BEMATECH UDPM [ 99 ]. By differential BEMATECH UDPM labeling with either light biotin-cystamine or deuterated heavy biotin-cystamine, the specificity of the enrichment approach can be increased.

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Chemoenzymatic labeling capitalizes on the merits of the traditional GalT labeling and the advanced chemical derivatization techniques especially BEMATECH UDPM ketone-aminoxy process and bioorthogonal chemistry. BEMATECH UDPM from traditional GalT labeling, unnatural galactose analogues with specific chemical handles, which can facilitate the subsequent capture procedure, are used in chemoenzymatic labeling.

An engineered mutant of GalT GalT YL BEMATECH UDPM, which has an enlarged binding pocket for the donor-substrate [ ], is the best choice to selectively derivatize O -GlcNAc with galactose analogues.

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To date, two major kinds of such BEMATECH UDPM have been developed and used for chemoenzymatic labeling, i. In one approach, GalT YL is used to transfer the keto-galactose onto O -GlcNAc proteins and a biotin-aminoxy reagent BEMATECH UDPM then attached via the oxime formation aminoxylation.

The biotin-tagged derivatives are visualized by streptavidin blotting [ ] or subjected to streptavidin-conjugated beads enrichment followed by fluorescence [ ] or MS detection []. An additional advantage is that the released peptides contain a basic aminomethyltriazoyl acetylgalactosamine BEMATECH UDPM, enabling efficient ETD fragmentation. In addition, with the further integration of isobaric tag for relative and absolute quantitation technique iTRAQthe relative occupancy ratio between normal and diabetic erythrocytes was determined, revealing different O -GlcNAcylation at individual sites on proteins under distinct cellular conditions.



In comparison to the enrichment methods mentioned above, which are performed in vitro, metabolic labeling offers an in vivo way to place a chemical handle onto O -GlcNAc proteins. BEMATECH UDPM allows the compounds to enter the cells and endogenous deacetylases rapidly remove the acetyl groups. The GlcNAz-tagged proteins can be chemoselectively conjugated BEMATECH UDPM a biotinylated phosphine reagent or a biotinylated BEMATECH UDPM reagent via Staudinger ligation [] or click chemistry [ - ], respectively.

After streptavidin-conjugated beads enrichment, tagged proteins are then digested, with the digests identified by MS.

In BEMATECH UDPM with click chemistry with an azide-biotin reagentstreptavidin-conjugated beads enrichment, proteolytic digestion and BEMATECH UDPM, putative O -GlcNAc proteins were identified [ ]. Collectively, metabolic labeling has shown some advantages for facile enrichment of O -GlcNAc proteins.

Global quantitative analysis of the levels of proteins and their BEMATECH UDPM -GlcNAc sites is key to a systematic understanding of the molecular function of O -GlcNAc proteins in various biological processes. The traditional quantitation approach, which relies on high-resolution protein separation by 2-D gels and mass spectrometry identification of certain significantly altered spots, BEMATECH UDPM been used for probing changes of O -GlcNAc proteins from several BEMATECH UDPM lines and tissues [ 75 - 78 ].

However, inherent drawbacks of BEMATECH UDPM 2-D gel separation technique hinder its application for in-depth comparative analysis, as mentioned above. In contrast, the integration of stable isotope labeling with gel-free separation, specific enrichment, and mass spectrometry detection has been demonstrated to be a very powerful tool to provide quantitative information about O -GlcNAc changes between samples in control, diseases, and drug-perturbation conditions. There are mainly two ways: As an in vivo approach, stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture SILAC allows proteins to be labeled by growing cells in media containing isotopically labeled amino acids e.

Due to the high BEMATECH UDPM accuracy, SILAC has become a versatile tool for multiple proteomic BEMATECH UDPM [ - ]. Wang et al.

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Their results BEMATECH UDPM a complex interplay between phosphorylation and O -GlcNAcylation within signaling networks. With a similar approach, Zachara et al.

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Even though SILAC BEMATECH UDPM been demonstrated to be a powerful tool in quantitative proteomic studies for cultured cells, it is still not very practical for analyzing biological samples that can not be grown BEMATECH UDPM culture, such as tissues or body fluids.

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