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Networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise, and SMB customers. All CityLink Plus dial-up lines support V and K56Flex 56K standards. Apex Data Rapid Transit 56K Best Data Smart One 56X Philips. Apparently not, at least with regard to trying to connect to the Internet with my external modem, a Best Data Smart One 56X, which incidently I am currently using.

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Best Data Smart One 56X Driver

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Yavo Lem Guest. Dial-up external modem problems Yes, I installed FC 7 and it looks pretty, but will it work? Apparently not, at least with regard to trying to connect to the Internet with my external modem, a Best Data Smart One 56X, which incidently I am currently using, under gasp! Windows 98 SE, to post this message.

The same modem served me well under Mandrake 8.

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I installed both, sequentially, on my Ibex 1. Both Best Data Smart One 56X of Linux installed without a problem, but neither could recognize the modem, although I meticulously followed the directions provided by Fedora, Konquerer Ha, what a misnomer! This is in spite of the fact that the very same modem worked under RH 9 on this very same computer a few years ago, and still does. I tried the same procedure with both new distros, but substituting a US Robotics V. So I Best Data Smart One 56X here, hoping someone can helpbefore I write off both these versions of Linux, and perhaps Linux itself, as totally worthless and a waste of the money I paid for them.

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I remain pessimistically optimistic Yavo Lem. Further observations on dail-up external modem problems Some additional information: It is my understanding that it contains its own driver and necessary "software" on boardand that if necessary, it can be identified as "Hayes compatible" for installation purposes. It requires no 'jump-starting", but I do have, and have used, the initialization string Best Data Smart One 56X kppp, to no avail, under either FC-7, or Mandriva Spring.

Nothing happens under FC-7, other than that when I try to install it, the Best Data Smart One 56X is shown as being COM-2, but still, whether I set it up under automatic recognition, or enter all the information manually, the OS does not recognize it as being installed. My desktop is a stand-alone machine and is not connected to any network whatsoever, and never will be.

So, is there something that can be "disconnected" or adjusted so that I can work around this problem, as I see it? There must be something that has changed between RH-9, under which the very same modem worked fine, after having been set up via kppp, and FC Also, Best Data Smart One 56X is it that FC-7 comes without kppp, and why is it that it won't take it from the Mandriva distro?

Perhaps I'll Best Data Smart One 56X to load it from the old RH-9 disks, before I give them away or throw them out.

One last thing, I find it really annoying and quite hurtful to read various posts in which people dismiss external dial-up modems as passe or antique, which implies that those of us who Best Data Smart One 56X them, and I believe there are quite a few of us in this world, are simply and hopelessly out-of-date, or ignorant, or both. Well, you are entitled to your view, and your silly world of Linux, where everything is promised, but little is delivered that actually works, or is that superior to what I have with my Windows system.

Besides, Best Data Smart One 56X the years, I have accumulated masses of data under Windows that apparently can't be used under either FC-7, or Mandriva Spring. I know, because I downloaded Open Office for Windows and tried importing various files, to no avail. However, I was able to "cut and paste" some information from a Windows Works spreadsheet into an OO spreadsheet and it worked well enough it is only text data and I use the spreadsheet for sorting purposes, and as a mater list in my translation projectsbut if I can do that in Windows, why go through the contortions to get either distro of Linux hammered into shape.

I'm too old, too tired of all these "learning curves", and too many times I've been led down the primrose path of Linux Mandrake 7. I am not so flush with cash that I can constantly go out and buy new systems or periphals, or explanatory "Bibles", that don't match up with the reality of the software, just because a new "distro" has come out and that the former is no longer supported or because the new "distro" omits something that worked Best Data Smart One 56X, nor am I a "power user", who needs the latest and greatest.

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To me, a computer is a tool, and it really can't do anything that the one on each person's head can't do, with some exceptions and there are some things it does very poorly compared to the human brain. I guess I am just one of Best Data Smart One 56X old-fashioned people who still reads books, and drives a standard-shift car analogous to using a dial-up external modemwho just wants to use a computer to do what he wants to do, and not what the OS developers think he should be doing.

I still have a small, color TV, with no cable, and therefore only get 3 channels on a good day, but how much "information" overload and "entertainment" stupiditiy do Best Data Smart One 56X need in my life? So, if anyone wants my FC-7 distro Perhaps the message contained in Clifford Stoll's book, "Silicon Snake Oil", is finally sinking in for me.

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Coolerthanyou Guest. I assume it's a serial Best Data Smart One 56X not usb. I never ran into a hardmodem that refused to work, that I can remember. Dial-up external modem problems Hi, Thanks for responding. Yes, it is a serial modem. The setup process recognizes it as being on COM2, by highlight, but no matter what I enter manually, or whether I put it on different network setting, and here I confess I don't know what I am doing, only on modem light blinks, and then goes off and then I get the message that the system is not connected to the internet, at which point I try another port.

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